Juan Monroy’s body of work focuses on the intricacies of identity and the relationship between his subjects and their environment. His paintings serve as a document of his interest in human nature, its interconnectivity, and the correlation between those who are being seen and those who see. 


Over the course of the last few years, Monroy’s work has focused in his interest around sexuality as a way to understand human behavior and the tendencies and patterns that emerge when individuals interact with each other. Through this series of paintings, Monroy explores power dynamics and sexuality in society; and the innate and seemingly mundane nature certain sexual practices can show when seen in an honest yet non-explicit way.


By portraying fetishes, kinks, and other specific sexual tendencies through the lens of everyday life, he creates a parallel between the extraordinary and the ordinary. In Common Grounds, Monroy asserts that sex is an inherent part of life and when stripped down from all prejudice and unnecessary flare, it can also be a key to understanding human interactions, self image, and the fluidity of power. A power that can both define the simplest of intimate acts and the most complex of communal constructs. 


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