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Genderf!_!ckt at Queer/Bar

Come Check Out Cap Hill’s Monthly Trans / GenderNonConforming / NonBinary Babe Fest featuring Performers, Music, Dancing + Looks !


September 24
9p - 2a // 21+
$10 suggested // Any $$ accepted

lets explore the spaces beyond the binary
this is a party for / by gendernonconforming folks to celebrate the art n artistry of our contributions to nightlife culture
no racism, no sexism, no transphobia, no homophobia, no fatphobia & no ableism will be tolerated
open minds hiighly supported
come have a twirl && lets break the binary


This Month’s Babes
DJs Queermo spin with Kara Phoebe hosting !!

Performers ::



Cody James

Mercury Divine

Seaside Tryst

Kara Phoebe

Mx Pucks A Plenty


[[ access info ]]
Queer/Bar has a moderately open floor plan with a good amount of tables at sitting and standing height. There are both booth / benches and stand alone chairs for seating.

The stage / dancefloor is a step above the rest of the floor with a ramp built at the rear of it for those on chairs to access that level.
Come Check Out Cap Hill’s Monthly Trans/ GenderNonConforming/ NonBinary Babe Fest featuring Performers , Music , Dancing + Looks !