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Well Plaid - A Very PNW Underwear Party

Well Plaid - A Very PNW Underwear Party! Co-hosted by Seattle Quake Rugby, in support of our Portland sisters, the Lumberjacks.

Calling all you woodsmen, forest nymphs and Yass!-squatches, come cool off and unchain yourself from those leg-prisons at Seattle’s newest underwear party! Wear your cutest flannel or tastiest undies (or both) and come shake out your branches and spread some seeds.

Free Jell-O shot with Pants/Clothes Check! Show us your trunks, swing around your axe, dance in the dark with the help of...

Mr. Linden
Drake Moon (Bottom Forty)

Rugby boys!
Lumberjacked gogo's!
Pants Check!
Jell-O shots!
Cool rugby merchandise!

Saturday 6/15
Queer Bar!

The Quake will donate 100% of the profits we make to help support our closest gay rugby team, the Portland Lumberjacks, as they celebrate Portland Pride. Come support and promote queer sport throughout the PNW! Woof.

Earlier Event: June 11
Later Event: June 17